Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enjoy Your Bash but Can Your Trash

In addition to litter laws there are a number of rules and regulations for City of San Diego beaches and parks:

• Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in beach and park areas.
• Glass bottles and glass containers are NOT allowed at any time in the beach and park area.
• Smoking is PROHIBITED in all beach and park areas within the City of San Diego.
• Fiesta Island, Dog Beach and Dusty Rhodes Park are designated dog areas that are leash-free.
• Dogs are NOT permitted within Mission Bay Park and the beach areas April 1st to October 31st from 9am-6pm and November 1st to March 31st from 9am-4pm. Dogs MUST be leashed at all times.
• Fires are permitted in city designated fire rings between 5am to 12midnight ONLY.
• Fires CANNOT exceed 12 inches above the fire ring.
• Clean dry wood or charcoal only. NO pallets, painted wood, greenery, nails or furniture are allowed in the fire rings.
• Camping and overnight sleeping are NOT permitted in the beach or park area.
• Parking lots are CLOSED at night between 10pm-4am and 2am-4am, please read and obey the posted signs.
• Parking spaces CANNOT be blocked off and/or saved; all parking spaces are first come first serve.
• Each vehicle is allowed only one stall and must fit within the stall at all times.
• All areas of the parks and beaches are first come first serve; roping off and/or barricading an area is NOT permitted. This includes ropes, cords, barrier tapes, tents and other similar devices.
• All helium, blow up, metallic/mylar, water balloons and balloon arches are NOT allowed in the beach and park areas.
• You are responsible to clean up after yourself. Please put your trash in the trash cans and/or the dumpsters within the park and beach area. Please do NOT litter.
• Vehicles are NOT allowed on lawns, beaches, and walkways at any time (this includes loading and unloading purposes).
• Please do NOT tie and/or post anything (ropes, banners, signs, piñatas, decorations, etc.) to any City property (trees, plants, light posts, gazebos, etc.)
• Amplified music is NOT permitted. Noise laws are strictly enforced. Your audio equipment may be impounded.
• Household furniture (sofas, recliners, coffee tables, etc.) are NOT permitted in the beach and park area.

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